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Colors 颜色 print version
hóng fēi cuì wǔ
'Red flies, emerald green dances', colorful women's clothing; a lively and colorful scene.
fú cuì liú dān
'Floating emerald green, flowing vermilion (reddish)', flowing and emerging green and red; gorgeous bright colors.
dà hóng dà lù
'Big red, big green', rich and gaudy colors.
wǔ cǎi bīnfēn
'Five colors in riotous profusion', many colors in various interlocking patterns; extraordinary colorful.
青出于蓝 (而胜于蓝)
qīng chūyú lán (ér shèng yú lán)
'Indigo blue derives from an indigo plant (but beats the indigo plant)', indigo blue comes out of indigo plant, but its color is deeper; an analogy for a pupil who surpasses his or her teacher.
qīng miáo dàn xiě
'Light description, thin writing', portraying gently with light colors; often refers to a text, speech, discussion, etc that doesn't deal firmly with the most important questions.
nóng mò zhòng cǎi
'Thick ink, heavy colors', portraying or describing with heavy colors, with effort.
huā lǐ hú shào
'Nonsense whistles in the flower', excessive gaudy colors, flashy without real substance.
guó sè tiān xiāng
'The country is colorful, the sky are fragrant', special colors and fragrance; commonly used to describe a woman's exceptional beauty.
miàn bù gǎi sè
'Face doesn't change color', complexion doesn't change; remaining calm even when facing crisis or danger.
huā huā lù lù
'Flowers flowers green green', very colorful scene
huā hóng liǔ lù
'Red flowers, green willow', bright and gaudy colors.

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