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Confucius 孔子 print version
huàn dé huàn shī
'Worry about gains, worry about loss'; worry constantly, focus on what one's have and what one can lose
sè lì nèi rěn
'Fierce expression, weak inside'; a coward who looks powerful, a weak or bad man
dāng rén bù ràng
'When practicing benevolence, not yield'; not yielding when doing the right conduct; doing what is needed by oneself, not letting others do it
yuàn tiān yóu rén
'Complain about the sky, blame people': Blame everyone but oneself, not take responsibility for one's flaws
chá yán guān sè
'Observe words, warch expression'; pay close attention to small details in the expression of another person
chéngrén zhī měi
'Promote the virtue in people', help someone achieve success or develop good conducts
guò yóu bùjí
Doing too much and going too far are as bad as not doing enough
hòu shēng kě wèi
'The youths (the new generation) are scary'; the youths are strong and might surpras the elders, therefore the young should be respected
kōngkōng rú yě
'Completely empty'; empty, clueless
rèn zhòng dào yuàn 、 sǐ ér hòu yǐ
'Carry a heavy weight over a long road, until one's death', carry many duties and responsibilities over a long period
lè zài qí zhōng
'Joy is in it', enjoy to the fullest, appreciate the pleasure that exists in something
jǔ yī fǎn sān
'Lift one, reverse three': Reach a conclusion without sufficient facts, neglect important details
jìng ér yuǎn zhī
'Keeping a distance when respecting (someone)', keep a respectful distance, not approach casually a person of high status
wén zhì bīn bīn
'The culture and substance are refined', gentle and suave
jì wǎng bù jiù
'Not blame for what has already passed', forgive past conducts, let bygones be bygones
sānshí ér lì
'Standing on one's feet at age 30': 30 - An age when a man should be independent and stand on his feet in terms of occupation, family life, cultural cultivation, etc
yán ér yǒu xìn
'Words and trustworthy': Being honest, being as good as the words one's expressed, keeping a promise
qiǎo yán lìng sè
'Clever words, pleasant appearance', a person of sweet talks and some charisma, but no true virture
yǐ qiǎng líng ruò
'Use force to bully the weak', take advantage of the weaker, use physical strength to one's advantage
fèi qǐn wàng shí
'Abandon sleep, forget food' - Work hard, be totally absorbed in something
dào tīng tú shuō
'Hear way, speak route'; gossip, spread inaccurate rumors
dēng táng rù shì
'Climb the hall, enter the room'; reach a high level of proficiency in one's studies or profession
lù bù shí yí
'Not collect left articles on the road'; times of social stability, a society of high ethic standards
kǎn kǎn ér tán
'Speak confidenly, candidly'; talk at ease, clearly and with confidence
jìn shàn jìn měi
'Utmost good, utmost beauty', the best possible, close to perfection

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