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Flowers 花 print version
huǒ shù yín huā
'Fire trees (trees with red lanterns), silver flowers (a bright lamp light)' – A splendid night scenery, decorated with lanterns and fireworks.
huā cán yuè quē
'Flowers are damaged, the moon is lacking (isn't full)' – A formerly nice scenery being decayed, falling out of love.
huā qián yuè xià
'In front of flowers, under the moon' - A perfect setting for a romantic, love-promoting, experience.
huā huā gōng zǐ
'Flowers, son of a prince (or officer) – Someone who is gaudy dressed, wealthy, pleasure seeking and doesn't conduct in meaningful labor. Today this idiom is slang for a 'playboy', a many-women-guy.
huā yán qiǎo yǔ
'Flower words, clever language' – Pretty words without meaningful content; Using pleasant-to-hear, yet hypocritical, words to trick someone.
huā lǐ hú shào
'Recklessly whistling inside a flower' – Colors are too bright and flashy; something gaudy with no real substance.
huā róng yuè mào
'Flowers contain the appearance of the moon' – A metaphor for a woman's beautiful appearance.
huāzhī zhāo zhǎn
'Flowers and branches swing with the wind' – A women gorgeously dressed.
huā xiāng niǎo yǔ
'Flowers smell, birds talk' – A beautiful, heart-warming, sight (usually a natural, spring-like scenery).
huā huā shìjiè
'Flower world'- A bustling place or situation, perfect for pleasure seeking activities; A world of sensuality.
fēng huā xuě yuè
'Wind, flowers, snow, moon' – This idiom either describes a writing style filled with fancy phrases, but dull content-wise OR a dissolute lifestyle, characterized by the pursue of women and wine
fán huā sì jǐn
'Numerous flowers seem like a brocade' – Divine scenery, beautiful objects.
dòng fáng huā zhú
'Bridal chamber, wedding candles' – Wedding atmosphere and scenery.
chūn huā qiū yuè
'Spring flowers, autumn moon' - A pretty scenery, delightful times.
bì yuè xiū huā
'The moon is concealed, the flowers are shy' – This idiom often describes a beautiful woman.
mǎshàng kàn huā
Cursory conduct, non comprehensive examination.
liǔ zhé huā cán
'Willow break, flowers damaged' – A death or injury of a woman.
jǐn shàng tiān huā
'Add flowers to the brocade' – Making beauty and perfection even more perfect.
jiè huā xiàn fó
'Lend flowers, donate to Buddha' - Use presents or objects provided by someone else as a gestures or gifts given by oneself.
huā huā lù lù
Magnificently colorful.
huā hóng liǔ lù
'Flowers are red, the willow is green' – A variety of bright color, blossoming.
huā hǎo yuè yuán
'Flowers are good (mature, bloom), the moon is round' – Wonderful times, a beautiful scenery or a romantic bliss.
miào bǐ shēng huā
'A wonderful brush gives birth to flowers'- Beautiful hand writing, impressive creativity.
bǎi huā zhēng yàn
'A hundred flowers contend in beauty' – Numerous plants and flowers compete for expression their beauty. This could serve as a metaphor for a situation in which many talented or wise individuals wish to express themselves.
bǎihuāqífàng, bǎijiāzhēngmíng
'Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools contend': Pluralism, freedom of expression and discussion between different groups, whether in the art, academic or other spheres. This expression was adopted by chairman Mao for a short while (1956-1957) in which he promoted free discussion of educated scientists and artists concerning the development paths China should adopt.

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