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Food 食物 print version
bài dēng chī miàn
'Biden eats noodles'; this is a very fresh idiom, born in August 18, 2011, when US vice-president Biden dined in a common Beijing restaurant. Astonished by the cheap price of the many tasty dishes he ate, a new idiom came along, meaning 'expecting the achieve something valuable without having the means to obtain it, without having money to spend.' (Biden might have been able to enjoy a huge meal for 79 yuan, but one shouldn't expect to reach a level higher than one's means and money)
tiāo féi jiǎn shòu
'Choose the fat, pick out the lean'; be very picky and selective
jī bù zé shí
'The hungry don't choose their food'; beggars cannot be choosers, the one in need isn't selective
shí bù xià yàn
'Food isn't swallowed down', food which is not easily digested
láng tūn hǔ yàn
'Wolf absorbs, tiger swallows'; eat in an agressive and fierce fashion
qǐn shí bù ān
'Sleeping and eating - not at ease'; lose sleep and appetite due to worries or fears
hú lún tūn zǎo
'Swallow all the dates (Chinese dates)'; consume or collect plenty of information without digesting and comprehending
wàng méi zhǐ kě
'Look on plum, stop the thirst'; feed on illusions and imagination
yǔ hòu chūn sǔn
'Spring bamboo shoots after the rain' - Something that develops fast immediately when conditions change.
qīng méi zhú mǎ
'Green plums, a bamboo horse' - The two are typical childhood games. The idiom signifies a boy and a girl who have been feeling affection towards each other since a very young age.
shì wài táo yuán
'A source of peach beyond the world' -Utopia
tóu táo bào lǐ
'Send a peach, respond with a plum', exchange gifts
lǐ dài táo jiāng
'The plum substitutes the peach as stiff'; sacrifice one for another, replace one for the other
ǒu duàn sī lián
'The lotus rootstock is cut, the strings are connected' - When the rootstock of a lotus is cut in the middle, thin strings still connect between both ends. A couple that has broke up is compared to such rootstock, as both sides cannot truly separate emotionally
qián yīn hòu guǒ
'First cause, then effect (fruit)', cause and effect
zì shí qí guǒ
'Eat one's own fruit', reap what you have sown
shí bù guǒ fù
'Food doesn't fill the stomach'; not enough food to feed one's appetite
guā tián lǐ xià
'Plum falls in a gourd field'; be found in a suspicious situation, someone who's 'crime' has been exposed
shuò guǒ jǐn cún
'Great achievement, the only surviving'; great skill and accomplishment of the winner or only 'survivor'
yīn guǒ bàoyìng
'Cause and effect (果 means both 'result' and 'fruit') retribution'; karma, retributive justice
gǔn guā làn shú
'Very ripe roll of melon (or gourd)'; do something fluently, know something by heart
yú mǐ zhī xiāng
'Countryside (or village) of fish and rice'; land of plenty
wǔ gǔ fēng dēng
'Five grain, plentiful harvest'; rich harvest of all crops
dòu kòu nián huá
'Round cardamom (also means 'virgin') age'; adolescent girl, age to get married
hóng dòu xiāngsī
'Red beans, yearning for one's lover' - The meaning isn't beans for eating but rather beans used as jewelry beads. According to a poem from the Tang Dynasty, such beans can inspire the longing for a lover.
zhǔ dòu rán qí
'Cook beans, burn beanstalk'; a fierce fight between brothers; taken from The Romance of Three Kingdoms
mùguāng rú dòu
'Sight/vision like beans'; short-sighted
chá fàn bù sī
'Tead rice - no thoughts'; complete lack of appetite
cū chá dàn fàn
'Rough tea, tasteless rice'; a plain and boring meal
chá yú fàn hòu
'First tea, then rice'; long meal, leisure time
fàn lái zhāng kǒu
'Rice comes - Mouth open'; waiting enthusiastically
jiǔ chí ròu lín
'A pool of wine, a forest of meat'; debauchery, hedonistic event

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