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Love 爱情 print version
窈窕淑女, 君子好逑
yǎo tiǎo shū nǔ,jūnzi hǎo qiú
'A graceful and refined woman - well matched with the man of virtue' -An idiom derived from a poem named '关雎' (guān jū) from the 'Spring& Autumn' era.
zhí zǐ zhī shǒu,yǔ zǐ xié lǎo
'I hold your hand, together we will grow old' - No explanation needed, a very romantic vow.
ruò jí ruò lí
'Seem to approach, seem to depart' - An unstable relationship or one that develops slowly, never becoming intensive or meaningful.
qīng méi zhú mǎ
'Green plums, a bamboo horse' - The two are typical childhood games. The idiom signifies a boy and a girl who have been feeling affection towards each other since a very young age.
bǐ yì shuāng fēi
'Wing to wing, fly together' - A healthy and harmonious love affair.
ǒu duàn sī lián
'The lotus rootstock is cut, the strings are connected' - When the rootstock of a lotus is cut in the middle, thin strings still connect between both ends. A couple that has broke up is compared to such rootstock, as both sides cannot truly separate emotionally.
qíng yǒu dú zhōng
'Emotions have one target' - Loving someone dedicatedly, while not possessing feelings towards anyone or anything else.
yī jiàn zhōng qíng
'One look - deep emotions' - Falling in love at first sight.
xǐ xīn yàn jiù
'Fond of the new, hates the old' - Usually signifying men who are undecisive regarding romantic relationship, and tend to switch from one girl for another.
tiān cháng dì jiǔ
'Long lasting sky, long existing earth' - Signifies an ever lasting romantic relationship.
shān méng hǎi shì
'Mountains vow, oceans swear' - A promise made between lovers, vowing that their love will be longlasting, like mountains and oceans which exist indefinitely.
qíng dòu chū kāi
'Puberty is revealed for the first time' - A young girl who falls in love for the first time.
cáizǐ jiārén
'Talented scholars, beautiful women' - A phrase used to describe a good and inspiring couple.
hóng dòu xiāngsī
'Red beans, yearning for one's lover' - The meaning isn't beans for eating but rather beans used as jewelry beads. According to a poem from the Tang Dynasty, such beans can inspire the longing for a lover.
fēng huā xuě yuè
This phrase usually signifies a luxurious or dissolute lifestyle, full of romance and sex.
érnǔ qíng cháng,yīngxióng qì duǎn
'A lasting affection between a man and a woman - The hero is short of energy' - Signifying the negative affect that intense love and women sometimes have over virtue and important men.

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