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Moon 月亮 print version
huā qián yuè xià
'In front of flowers, under the moon' - A perfect setting for a romantic, love-promoting, experience.
huā cán yuè quē
'Flowers are damaged, the moon is lacking (isn't full)' – A formerly nice scenery being decayed, falling out of love.
huā róng yuè mào
'Flowers contain the appearance of the moon' – A metaphor for a woman's beautiful appearance.
chūn huā qiū yuè
'Spring flowers, autumn moon' – The beautiful scenery in spring or autumn, happy days.
huā hǎo yuè yuán
'Flowers are good (mature, bloom), the moon is round' – Wonderful times, a beautiful scenery or a romantic bliss.
chūn huā qiū yuè
'Spring flowers, autumn moon' - A pretty scenery, delightful times.
zhòng xīng gǒng yuè
'A crowd of stars encircle the moon' – Many people together supporting a leader or an admired person.
yuè zhōng zhé guì
'Break the tree in the middle of the month (moon)' – Succeed in an important exam. This idiom's origin is a saying of a scholar in the Song Dynasty: “但愿此去,名标金榜,折取月中桂”- I wish that in this place, my name will mark the placard (announcing successful civil-service candidates) and break the mid-month tree.
yuè míng xīng xī
'Moon shines, stars are scarce' – Something or someone dominant, who shatters on smaller matters or on his or her peers. First expresses in a poem declaimed by Cao Cao in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
xīng yuè jiāo huī
'The stars and the moon shine together' – This idiom could describe immense shine and brilliance OR could describe a gathering of famous 'star-like' personalities.
zhòng xīng pěng yuè
'A crowd of stars carries the moon' – A crowd of people carries and supports an honored and admired personage.
shuǐ zhōng lāo yuè
'Fish for the moon inside the water' – Go on an impossible task, stubbornly attempt to complete a pretentious plan which is simply a waste of time.
rì yuè rú suō
'Sun and moon like a shuttle' – Time passes (incredibly) fast.
rì yuè chóng guāng
'The sun and moon replay their shine' – Peaceful and happy times return, after a period of turmoil or difficulties.
dài yuè pī xīng
'Wears the moon, carries the stars on the shoulders' – A description of a hardworking person, leaving home early and returning very late. This idiom could also describe a long day on the roads.
bì yuè xiū huā
'The moon is concealed, the flowers are shy' – This idiom often describes a beautiful woman.

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