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Mountain 山 print version
hǎi shì shān méng
'Ocean swears, mountain allies' – A promise conducted by a boy and a girl, stating that their love will be everlasting and unchangeable, just as the oceans and mountains are.
gāoshān yǎng zhǐ
'High mountain – admiration'. 'High mountain' stands here for a noble and impressive person. This idiom describes an admiration for a person of great virtue.
ēn zhòng rú shān
'A favor is heavy as a mountain' – The debt of a favor and the feeling of gratitude is experienced as very heavy and grave by the person receiving the gesture.
dōng shān zài qǐ
'The eastern mountain stands again' – Make a comeback to a certain post, gain power which has previously been lost.
diào hǔ lí shān
'Shift a tiger, leaving the mountain' – Making the enemy leave its original location in order to realize ones interests.
dì dòng shān yáo
'The earth moves, the mountains shake' – An impressive display of power or a fierce fighting ability.
dì bēng shān cuī
'The earth collapses, the mountain topple over – An unforeseen severe accident.
dēng shān lín shuǐ
'Climb a mountain, approach the water' – A long journey OR a scenic tour.
dāo shān huǒ hǎi
'A mountain of knives, an ocean of fire' – A place which holds many dangers and obstacles.
dà hǎo hé shān
'Very good rivers and mountains' – The glorious motherland; the fine land of the homeland.
bù shí tàishān
'Not recognize Mount Tai' – Someone with limited knowledge or wisdom, failing to recognize a person of great status or skill when meeting such personage face to face.
bīng bài rú shān dǎo
'Soldiers defeated like a mountain falling' – The army collapses like a landslide; A crashing defeat.
biǎolǐ shānhé
'Inside and outside – mountains and rivers' – Mountains and rivers create a natural barrier; strategic location.
bá shān gàishì
'Pull out a mountain, more than any human' - Immense strength and courage; power which is unparalleled to anyone else.
bā gōng shān shàng, cǎo mù jiē bīng
'The vegetation on the eight mountains is all (enemy) soldiers' – Being paranoid and frighten; over suspicious.
ān rú tàishān
'Still as mount Tai (Shandong Province)' – Something incredibly firm, which cannot be shaken or changed.
pái shān dǎo hǎi
'Spread out the mountain, turn over the sea' - Using impressive force and strength, a great display of power.
míng luò Sūn Shān
'Name behind Sun Shan' – Fail completely in an important exam. This idiom is derived from a story about Sun Shan, a man in the Song Dynasty. Sun was a funny and unserious guy, who decided to attend the provincial imperial examinations. Having one's name listen beneath Sun Shan means that he is last on the list, failing severely.
mǎn shān biàn yě
'Complete the mountain, spread throughout the countryside' – Describing a wide range or a big amount, achieved or experienced by someone.
lú shān zhēn miàn
'Mount Lu's true appearance' – The true or original essence and appearance of a matter or a person.
kāi shān bízǔ
'The originator, opening the mountain' – The founder of a school of thought, of a technique, a theory, an institution, etc.
jūn lìng rú shān
'Military orders like mountains' – Orders which are firm like a mountain, cannot be questioned and must be executed completely.
jǐnxiù jiāng shān
'Rivers and mountains as beautiful as a brocade' – A splendid and prosperous land.
jī tǔ chéng shān
'Amassed soil becomes a mountain' – Many small things piling up or becoming something big.
duījī rú shān
'Pile up, like a mountain' – A big amount of objects, a huge collection.
fàng huǒ shāo shān
'Set fire, burn a mountain' – Stir up trouble, promote confrontation.
chóng shān jùn lǐng
'High mountain, steep ridge' – High and precipitous mountains.
bù shí lú shān zhēn miànmù
'Fail to see Mount Lu's (a mountain in Jiangxi Province) true appearance' – Not recognize the truth or essence of a certain person or matter.
bī shàng liáng shān
'Forced to climb the Mount Liang' – Being forced to revolt, being compelled to engage in a radical activity.
bā shān yuè lǐng
'Climb a mountain and pass its peak' – A description of someone who is good in mountain climbing (this idiom normally does not posses a more profound meaning).

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