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Physical Appearance 外貌 print version
yǐ mào qǔ rén
'Select people according to their appearance', predict a person's qualities by his (or her) looks, select a person based on his or her physical appearance.
yī biǎo réncái
'One look – person of talent', a person with good looks and impressive appearance.
xīn kuān tǐ pán
'Open heart, comfortable body', a broad-minded heart and a serene appearance; a happy, carefree heart (which can make a person gain weight).
xū yǒu qí biǎo
'Empty has its appearance', impressive appearance but empty substance, someone who looks good but doesn't have a good or interesting heart.
mào rú qí xīn
'Appearance like the heart', an appearance which suits the heart; a person which is kind and sincere both in his (or her) appearance and in his heart and deeds.
mián lǐ cáng zhēn
'Needles stored inside cotton', kind and gentle appearance, yet a spiteful and rigid heart.
hòu mào shēnqíng
'Sincere appearance, profound feelings', an honest and sincere appearance, though a unpredictable, hard-to-grasp heart.

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