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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 三国演义 print version
hún bù shǒu shè
'The soul doesn't guard the residence' - 'Residence' here means one's physical body (in opposed to the inner spirit). This idiom describes a person about to be dying or someone who is absent-minded or not connected to his inner essence.
guā mù xiāng kàn
'Scrape eye's, look at each other' - Treat one with greater respect than before, acknowledge the progress one has accomplished.
guǐjì duōduān
'Tricks of many kinds' - Many deceitful thoughts, many unwise ideas or plans.
huà bǐng chōng jī
'Draw a cake to relieve the anger' - Feed on fantasy, comfort one-self with thoughts or illusions.
gù míng sī yì
'See the name, think of the meaning' - Just as the idiom implies, a name or term which reflects the true meaning.
ē nuó duō zī
'Graceful in various postures' -Graceful and tender appearance, usually describing a woman or a woman's activity.
dà jīng shī sè
'Big alarm, lose color (become pale)' - Become pale as a result feeling very fearful and shocked.
chū shēng niú dú búpà hǔ
'A newborn calf doesn't fear tigers' - Describing young people who have few worries and are bold in action.
chū chū máo lú
'At first get out of the thatched cottage' - Leave one's parent's house (or school) and begin working, without any prior experience.
chū yán bù xùn
'Speak immodestly' - Speak rudely with no courtesy.
bù xí shuǐ tǔ
'Not be accustomed to the water and soil' - Not get used to the climate, food and natural conditions of a place.
dúshū bǎi biàn, qí yì zì jiàn jiàn
'Read a book a hundred times, then its meaning could be grasped' - In order to naturally comprehend the true meaning of a piece of literature, it should be read many times.
móu shì zài rén
Make a plan or an arrangement according to your own capabilities.
bǎo dāo bù lǎo
'Treasure the sword - not old' - Despite being old in age, one's skills and power haven't been decreased.
bù láo ér huò
'Gaining profit without labor' - Signifying someone who enjoys the work of others, a parasite.
bù zhī suǒ cuò
'Not know how to arrange a task or settle a problem' - Often describing a confused state of mind in a problematic situation.
bù qiú wén dá
Not seek a good reputation or high status.
cǎo lú sān gù
'Three visits to the hut' - Taken from the story in which Liu Bei showed extreme courtesy when visiting his future advisor Zhu Geliang. This idiom expresses a sincere and grateful approach of a visitor to a host or vice versa.

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