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Seasons 季节 print version
chūn huā qiū yuè
'Spring flowers, autumn moon' - A pretty scenery, delightful time.
hán dōng là yuè
'Severe winter, the 12th month' - Very cold time.
chūn qù qiū lái
'Spring has gone, autumn has arrived' - The epoch has changed, time passes quickly.
míng chá qiū háo
Clearly observe all the minute details.
àn sòng qiū bō
'A pretty woman's glance sent secretly' - A pretty woman who subtly flirts with a guy.
yī yè zhī qiū
'One leaf knows autumn (has arrived)' - Knowing that a new time or situation has arrived due to a small yet typical sign.
xià rì yán yán
'Summer day scorching hot' - An extremely hot day.
miào shǒu huí chūn
'Excellent skill bring back spring' - An extraordinary skill or cure that brings (a patient) back to life. Usually referring to doctors.
kū mù féng chūn
'A dead tree meets spring' - Something dead or hopeless that suddenly becomes vital again under new favorable conditions.
yǔ hòu chūn sǔn
'Spring bamboo shoots after the rain' - Something that develops fast immediately when conditions change.
chūn nuǎn huā kāi
'Flowers bloom in the warm spring' - Flowers bloom in perfect conditions and right timing.
chūn yì àng rán
'The awakening of spring is substantially visible' - time of blooming, love, etc.

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