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Death 死亡 print version
bùdé shàn zhōng
'May not end well', 'cannot die a natural death'
shén miè xíng xiāo
'The spirit is eliminated, the form disappears'; another depiction of death
三长两短 首足异处
sān cháng liǎng duǎn, shǒu zú yì chù
'Three long, two short; head and feet in different places'. Suffer misfortune, violent death.
tiān nián bùcè
'Natural life span cannot be measured', accidental death
yī mìng míng hū
'Life, shouts of animals', a satiric manner to state 'death'
tù sǐ hú bēi
'The rabbit dies, the fox mourns': mourn a death of a friend
sǐ yú fēi mìng , jiā pò rén wáng
'Die an unexpected death, the family is shattered emotionally', tragic death
chūshēng rù sǐ , cháng shēng bù sǐ
'From birth to death, long life of no death'; live bravely and not fear dangers
fēng zhú cán nián
The end of life, decline in old age like a guttering candle
shēng lǎo bìng sǐ
'Life, old age, illness, death'; four miseries of life according to Buddhism
shí shì jiǔ kōng
'10 rooms, 9 are empty'; depopulated place
shān gāo shuǐ dī
'Mountains are high, water is low'; unexpected misfortune
tān shēng wèi sǐ
'Cling to life with craving and be terrified of death'
xiāng xiāo yù yǔn tóng guī yú jìn
'The fragrant disappeared, the jade perished, together head towards the end': death of beauty, great destruction
yī mìng guī xī
'Life returns west', signifying 'death' (according to some Buddhist traditions the deceased go to the 'western paradise'). The full idiom was first expressed by the famous novelist Lao She.
shēng sǐ cún wáng
Life or death, a critical situation

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