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Dragon 龙 print version
shèng lóng kuài xù
'Ride a dragon, happy son-in-law', an ideal handsome and successful son-in-law (daughter's husband)
lǐyú tiào lóng mén
'A carp fish jumps over the dragon gate (gate to success)'; meteoric rise, achieve a promotion
lái lóng qù mài
'A dragon comes, a mountain goes'; signifying cause-and-effect or the development of a process
huà lóng diǎn jīng
'Drawing a dragon, finishing a painting'; adding a touch that completes a work of art and brings life to it OR adding a few words to make a point clear
lóng tán hǔ xué
'Dragon's pool, tiger's den' - Dangerous spot
chē shuǐ mǎ lóng
'Vehicle water (or lifting water with a waterwheel), dragon-horse'; heavy traffic
pān lóng fù fèng
'Climb a dragon, approach a phoenix'; play, provoke or get close to someone powerful
qún lóng wú shǒu
'A crowd of dragon has no head'; leaderless
shén lóng jiàn shǒu bùjiàn wěi
'The head of the spirit-dragon is visible, not its tail'; a metaphor for a person who cannot be tracked down due to his secretive actions, or signifying words that cannot be clearly understood and leave a person dazzled or confused
yè gōng hào lóng
'Ye Gong (a general from the Spring & Autumn Period) loves dragons'; loving what one fears most
lóng fèng chéng xiáng
'Dragon-phoenix, a lucky sign'; have a great fortune, an auspicious sign
hǔ bù lóng xíng
'Tiger gaits, dragon walks'; a metaphor for the special behavior of an emperor or the martial posture of a general
lóng mǎ jīngshen
'Dragon-horse spirit'; someone vigorous in spirit, even if already at old age
hǔ jù lóng pán
'A tiger's crouch, a dragon's tray'; an inaccessible strategic location
bái lóng yú fú
A white dragon becomes a fish, a metaphor for an emperor who is dressed liked an official, hiding his identity during a journey
kàng lóng yǒu huǐ
'High dragon has regrets'; someone in high position, expressing arrogant behavior, shall inevitably lose and become shameful

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