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Beijing time, April 12th, morning news; Baidu's stock price went up on Monday. The highest market quotation was $148.92; by the closing quotation it went up by 2.68% up to $145.68. The average of the quotation prices and closing quotation has produced a new high record. On that day, the volume of business was of 16.61 million RMB, more than twice higher than the daily average of 7.41 million RMB.

April 11th, a media news report announced that Baidu has already signed a cooperation agreement with Facebook. In the future, the two parties will set up a new website together. This present agreement is now being examined and approved by relevant departments. Personage within the industry, believe that even if the agreement is approved, the procedure would still be long. Considering the professional knowledge that Facebook obtains within the domain of (internet) social networks and the leading superiority of Baidu within the market of Chinese search engines, if the cooperation is successful, it would bring about favorable opportunities to both sides.

In recent days, Baidu has got quietly involved in the internet job-recruitment market. According to what is understood, this is by no means the first time that Baidu enters this market. Along with the expansion of the scope of job-recruitment market, Baidu has entered this market as far back as September last year.

[1] 百度 bǎidù -Baidu (baidu.com), China`s largest internet search engine and provider of many internet services. Lately there are talks about creating  a Chinese version of Facebook, established by a cooperation of Facebook and Baidu.

[2] 股价 gǔjià - Stock price, dollars per one stock

[3] 盘 pán - Market quotation price

[4] 收盘 shōupán - Closing quotation price

[5] 成交量 chéngjiāoliàng - Volume of business (in money)

[6] 审批 shěnpī - Examination & Approval

[7] 社交网络 shèjiāo wǎngluò - Social network internet, social network websites (such as Facebook, QQ, etc)

[8] 搜索市场 sōusuǒ shìchǎng - Search engine market; the domain of internet search engines

[9] 网络招聘市场 wǎngluò zhāopìn shìchǎng - Internet job-recruiting market, internet sites with classified adds. Popular Chinese sites within this domain include 智联招聘 zhilian zhaopin (zhaopin.com), 前程无忧 qiancheng wuyou ('Future with no worries' - 51job.com),  中华英才 zhonghua yingcai ('China's talent' - chinahr.com) and more.