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央视评吕丽萍反同性恋言论 - China Central TV has criticized Lu Liping's speech against homosexuals print version
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Lu Liping, a 51 years old successful Chinese actress, and a practicing Christian, has expressed criticism towards homosexuality in her micro-blog (saying for example that homosexuality is shameful "羞耻" and a sin "罪人". This post aroused many debates throughout China's internet sphere. On July 6th, CCTV 央视 reported the incident, which followed with an educational message from host Qiu Qiming (邱启明) addressed to the viewers. His words are given here:


Miss Lu Liping's speech against homosexuality met with such a fierce attack in society. I would like to speak as a known person in society, one that has influence should rethink or introspect for a moment. We have the concept of respecting famous people, allowing them even to have their distinctive opinions about things, however, this certainly doesn't mean that a public figure that has social influence can publicly express discrimination towards a 'special' group within the Chinese society. No need to evade, in our surroundings there is a portion of people that have different orientation than the majority, but they are also hardworking payers of this society. Homosexuals are like us, and everybody has the privilege to exist and develop in society. We wish to speak towards the group of homosexuals, apply a phrase we know very well; I can not identify with your lifestyle, but I am willing to guard your rights for a different lifestyle.

The CCTV report probably reflects, to some extent, the Chinese government's approach towards homosexuality. Qiu Qiming's report can be viewed here.

[1] 同性恋 tóngxìngliàn - Homosexual, gay

[2] 社会名人 shèhuì míngrén - Known person in society, celebrity

[3] 公众人物 gōngzhòng rénwù - Public figure

[4] 群体 qúntǐ- Group; a special group within society

[5] 歧视 qíshì - Discrimination, treat with bias

[6] 付出着 fùchū zhe - 'Payers'; people who work, pay taxes and take part in society

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