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In 1999, Lai Changxing fled to Canada after being declared as a suspect of a huge smuggling scheme. Through his Yuanhua Group, Lai is believed to have bribed high level officials, improving his position in Xiamen's real-estate market. Through such connection he is also suspect of smuggling cars and goods on a very large scale. Now, after 12 years in Canada, the federal court of Vancouver has decided to send Lai back to China and to face the Chinese legal system.

加拿大(Canada)当地时间21日晚,经过3个多小时的聆讯[1]后,法院于温哥华(Vancouver)时间下午6时作出判决,驳回赖昌星(Lai Changxing)暂缓[2]执行遣返令[3]的申请,决定执行赖昌星的遣返令。目前,赖昌星遣返案的所有法律程序[4]都已结束,他将被遣返回中国。加拿大移民部律师[5]海伦·帕克(Helen Parker)21日上午表示,赖昌星最快会在7月23日被遣送回中国。


Canada local time, evening of July 21st; after a hearing of more than 3 hours, at 18:00 the Vancouver court decided reached a verdict, rejecting Lai Changxing's request for postponing the order of repatriation, and deciding to execute the order. At present, the entire legal procedure of the repatriation case of Lai Changxing is already finished, and he shall be repatriated back to China. Attorney of Canada's Immigration Department, Helen Parker, has said on the morning of the 21st that Lai Changxing would return to China as early as July 23.

Beijing time, July 22nd;spokesman of China's Foreign Ministry, Ma Zhaoxu has expressed greetings towards the decision of the federal Canadian court. He said that Lai Changxing is a crime suspect of a huge smuggling case in Xiamen, ordered to be arrested by China's administration of justice. After the case was opened he has fled to Canada for many years. The Chinese government's position concerning the return of Lai Changxing and him being trialed according to law, is very clear. Xiamen's 'yuanhua' smuggling case is the biggest economical crime case in China since 1949 (the declaration of the People's Republic of China). As the chief suspect of this case, Lai Changxing, after the case came to the open in 1999 fled to Canada with his entire family. He utilized Canada's law, posing a request for refuge, attempting to escape the law punishment.

[1] 聆讯 língxùn - Court hearing

[2] 暂缓 zàn huǎn - Postpone

[3] 遣返令 qiǎnfǎn ling - Repatriation order

[4] 法律程序 fǎlǜ chéngxù - Law procedure

[5] 移民部律师 yímín bù lǜshī - Attorney of the Immigration Department

[6] 中国外交部发言人 zhōngguó wàijiāobù fāyánrén - Spokesman of China's Department of Foreign Affairs

[7] 联邦法院 liánbāng fǎyuàn - Federal court

[8] 通缉 tōngjī - Order the arrest of a criminal

[9] 走私案 zǒusī àn - Smuggling case

[10] 嫌犯 xiánfàn - Crime suspect

[11] 逃往 táo wǎng - Flee

[12] 审判 shěnpàn - Trial

[13] "远华" yuàn huá - The Yuanhua group, founded by Lai Changxing in Xiamen.

[14] 难民申请 nànmín shēnqǐng - Refugee application

[15] 制裁 zhìcái - Punishment