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河南大桥因爆炸坍塌 26人遇难 - A bridge in Henan collapsed in an explosion, 26 people died print version
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2月1日,上午九点河南省渑池县(Mianchi county, Henan province),一辆载满烟花炮竹[1]的货车发生爆炸[2],引起桥面断裂[3],事故造成26人死亡。据现场目击者[4]称,是主干[5]桥塌,有几辆车掉了下去。

河南交警方面的消息称,坍塌[6]事件原因正在调查。中国官方微博(China's governmental Weibo)报道称,桥梁坍塌因为载满烟花炮竹的车辆发生爆炸引起。


February 1, 9 in the morning, Henan province, Mianchi county; a truck loading fireworks exploded, breaking apart the surface of a highway bridge. 26 people died in the accident. According to eyewitnesses at the sight, the main body of the bridge collapsed and several vehicles fells off it.

Accoding to the Henan police department, the reason for the 'collapse incident' is now being investigated. China's governmental Weibo reported that the bridge collapsed due to an explosion in a vehicle carrying fireworks.

[1] 烟花炮竹 yān huā pào zhú - fireworks

[2] 爆炸 bàozhà - explosion

[3] 断裂 duàn liè - break apart

[4] 目击者 mù jī zhě - eyewitness

[5] 主干 zhǔgàn - main body

[6] 坍塌 tān tā - collapse

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