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Lao Zi 老子 print version
gōng chéng bù jū
'Success - not claim'; take no credit for one's achievements or services, modesty
ān jū lè yè
'Reside peacefully, work happily' - Live and work with contentment and tranquility.
āi bīng bì shèng
'The sorrowful soldiers must win', victory comes when pushed to the wall, the maltreated always wins
tiān wǎng huī huī , shū ér bù lò
'The sky is extensive, it disperses yet it doesn't leak'; justice is implacable; although things seem random evildoers are always punished for their deeds
xiǎo guó guǎ mín
Small country, few people
jī quǎn xiāng wén
'Chickens and dogs hear each other', densely populated conditions
lǎo sǐ bù xiāng wǎng lái
'Not face each other when dying in old age'; not having any contact whatsoever with one another
gēn shēn dì gù
'The roots are deep, the stems are solid', deep-rooted, having a very stable foundation
qiān lǐ zhī xíng, shǐ yú zú xià
'A journey of a thousand li begins with one single step'; a phrase that emphasizes the importance of doing things gradually, patiently and consistently
dé cùn jìn chǐ
'Achieve an inch, take a foot'; insatiable, wanting much more than what one has
dà qiǎo ruò zhuō
'Great cleverness like clumsiness'; intelligent people often seem slow witted and do not brag about their qualities
zhī zú cháng lè
'Be content and always joyful'; feeling satisfied of one's life, work, family, etc
chūshēng rù sǐ
'From birth enter death'; ignore dangers and live bravely
zì zhī zhī míng
'The clarity of knowing oneself'; understanding oneself and making good estimations about one's abilities
chǒng rǔ ruò jīng
'Favors and humiliations as a shock'; the heart is stressed and terrified whether one receives love or humiliation; Haggling over small matters.
shì zhī bù jiàn , tīng zhī bù wén
'Look but not see, listen but not hear', not paying attention, lack of concentration
dà qì wǎn chéng
'Big machines mature late'; Rome Wasn't Built in a Day, one must practice and go through many roads before succeeding
gōng chéng shēn tuì
'The body retires after success', retiring after completing a task and achieving success
tiān cháng dì jiǔ
'The sky is long the earth is old'; everlasting and unchanging
shàng shàn ruò shuǐ
'Reach goodness like water'; a daoist principle that people should conduct themselves as flexibly as water, a substance that doesn't struggle with any object or obstacle
jīn yù mǎn táng
'Gold and jade fill up the hall', fill one's house with wealth or have rich knowledge

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