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婚恋幸福感调查:三年以下婚龄者幸福感最高 - The survey of happiness in marriage: couples married three years and under are the happiest print version
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Xiaokang magazine and Qinghua University have recently conducted their annual survey in attempt to analyze the emotional fulfillment of Chinese in their marriage. While this article suggests that happiness in marriage is becoming more salient (although the 7-year-itch still exists), another intriguing point is that for the first time in history sex life is becoming more critical than wife - mother-in-law relations for the Chinese couple...


在参与调查的已婚人士中,59.4%的受访者[7]感觉"比较幸福",17.7%的受访者感觉"非常幸福",14 .2%的受访者"说不好",仅有8.6%的受访者感觉自己"不太幸福"或是"很不幸福"。 2012年认为自己婚姻幸福的已婚人士比2011年高出了4.8个百分点[8]。



In-home wedding anniversary celebration within the 'happy period'

The 2013 survey of "happiness in romance" demonstrates that the ten factors that most influence the sense of happiness in marriage are: the emotions between the husband and wife, communication, the desire and capacity to understand each other, fidelity, children, income, sexual life, relations between the bride and the mother-in-law, the relations between the other side and one's family, housing and house-related tasks.

Among the married people who answered this survey, 59.4% feel "relatively happy", 17.7% feel "very happy", 14.2% answered "it's hard to say" and only 8.6% feel they are "not so happy" or "very unhappy". The number of people who believe to be happy in marriage in 2012 has increased by 4.8 percentage points compared to 2011.

Survey results also show that individuals who are married three years or less are the happiest, while those who are married 7-10 years are least happy.

How can a marriage remain harmonious? Marriage experts give several points of advice: 1. Put your partner in the first priority. 2. Handle problems together. 3. Laugh together.

Original article published by 凤凰时尚综

[1] 幸福感 xìngfú gǎn - sense of happiness,

[2] 依次 yīcì - sucessively

[3] 忠诚 zhōngchéng - loyalty, fidelity

[4]性生活 xìng shēnghuó - sex life

[5]婆媳关系 pó xí guānxì - brige - mother-in-law relations

[6] 工作分配 gōngzuò fēnpèi - work allocation

[7] 受访者shòu fǎng zhě - interviewees

[8] 百分点bǎifēndiǎn - percentage points

[9] 美满 měimǎn - harmonious

[10] 首位 shǒu wèi - first place, highest priority

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